Toshiba Battery Replacement Program

Voluntary Replacement Program for Battery Packs used in certain Toshiba Notebooks

On November 10, 2016, Toshiba announced a voluntary replacement program offering customers free-of-charge replacements for battery packs manufactured for certain Toshiba notebooks. Potentially affected battery packs were sold with certain new notebooks and as accessories or replacement batteries in the course of repair between June 2011 and November 2016. Based on the information available, there is a possibility that the affected battery packs can overheat and pose a potential burn or fire hazard.

This program substitutes Toshiba's previous voluntary replacement program that was carried out since January 28, 2016. Toshiba asks all its customers to check their battery packs using the instructions below, even if they have already checked before November 10, 2016.

If your battery pack is subject to this program, Toshiba recommends you turn off the notebook and remove the battery pack immediately. You can continue using your notebook safely by powering the notebook with the AC adapter until you receive the replacement battery pack.

How to check if your battery pack is affected and request a replacement battery
Click here to download a utility that will check if your battery is affected
or Click here to manually check if your battery is affected
For additional information, please contact Toshiba Customer Support
Call to: 0120-444-842(フリーダイヤル)
Battery pack and PC models that may be affected by this announcement
Click here to view a list of Battery pack and PC models